by Dirty Dirty

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Sean Groda Good band, cool people. Favorite track: Trippin On The Back Beat.
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released April 25, 2015

Dirty Dirty is Ian Forrester & Ian Harper
All songs written, arranged and performed by Dirty Dirty
Recorded by Reed Griffin @ Griffin Recording
Produced by Reed Griffin and Dirty Dirty
Mastered by Ezekiel Lords
Copyright Dirty Dirty

Cover photo: TBASA



all rights reserved


Dirty Dirty Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: We're Going To Die Like This
Don't Lose my mind. Don't lose my mind.
Like this we die. Like this we die
Don't slow me down. Don't slow me down.
Don't come around. Don't come around.

Don't change your face. Don't change your face.
If you do don't look at me.
Don't call me names. Don't call me names.
Don't put this life in a frame

Don't hold me to my word.
Don't expect a murder.
Don't think that I am more then less
And don't make me regret this.

I don't see this working out
because you kept a score sheet.
Don't expect much. Expect to much.
You can look but never touch.

Don't say that it's all right.
Don't run when you can fight.
Don't say that it's all right.

So sweet and dear the taste of fear.
So malicious all these turning wheels.
How do I? oh, how do I steer
All these feelings I conceal?
Track Name: The Ladder
Wash out my mouth
So savory sweet.
Wash out my mouth
but not to eat.

I stepped up that ladder so I could reach what I found.
What I could keep is up to the depth of my mouth.

So help me open up wide enough to eat you alive.
Track Name: Wishful Thinking
There has got to be a better what then this
To feed my future
Ten hundred days away form you and its still not enough
But who can I trust?
I don't want to be a part of this ploy
I want anarchy this time
why should I believe in you
after what you did to me

If I made one wish again
would it come true in the end?

Hurricane of Novocaine but now that I
can touch you I feel flesh
Is best only until I need it
Don't wanna to need it anymore
Bleed you dry
I don't know why

Ten hundred days away from you is still not enough.
Ten hundred burdens I lament familiar as a heartbeat.

I want the smell of you in my sheets familiar as a heartbeat.
Track Name: Trippin On The Back Beat
Baby's going off the deep end
got a knife in her hand
chopping at the curtains
Looking for a clue
Lately things are get hazy
sneaking out the back door
acting kind of crazy
Thinking about you
And the chair I'm sick of being tied to
I think I being lied to
Maybe I should try to
Level with my self.
But I lack a little in perspective
Choosy and selective
Always thinking I'd be
Better off with you

Yeah you. But I will be alright this time.

Plates are shifting
These quakes are changing us all.
They move so swiftly
and I keep seeking control.

Life is just an empty canvas
Baby if you care less
What you walk away with
Wont be what you want
Well I'm still trippin on the back beat
Of a rhythm you keep
Maybe I should dance
Wee maybe you should start.

Baby's going off the deep end
Got a knife in her hand
Chopping at the curtains
looking for a clue.
I lack a little in perspective
choosy and selective
always thinking I'd be
better off with you.